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It’s so important to me that we ‘connect’. My intention in approaching your day is to document it from the inside out; to really immerse myself among your friends and family as though we all feel we’ve known each other for years. My experience is that it relaxes people immediately to the camera and I can get in and ensure I photograph the day to the freaking extreme.

I adore the moments in-between, the ones that are often missed. They epitomise…


Some things that I love:

– thought out tattoos (I now have too many to count!)
– my boys, G my man-human and Jesse my son
– johnny cash, june carter, jerry lee lewis, mungo jerry, stevie wonder, tina turner, aretha franklin, seasick steve, sia, elvis, david bowie, biffy clyro…. the list goes on. music in general
– curling up in front of a log fire and getting those smoke fumes caught in every fibre of clothing that you wear
– photography. in all mediums and forms and manner. maybe this should be first!?
– fitness and healthy eating. it’s taken me 10 years since my final years as a teenager to sort out my attitudes to what I fuel myself with and I’m happy to say that I own a nutribullet and use it all of the time. not just for chocolate milkshakes.



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