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That you have found my website and get that little tingling feeling when looking at my images speaks volumes to me. It suggests to me that you are interested in something different from your wedding photography, something unique, and also that you feel that I could be the person to create this vision with.

I am humbled every single day that I am able to document life in this way. I am in love with ‘feelings’ and what better a day to encapsulate all of the ranges of our human emotion? You will laugh, you will cry, you will panic and you will let go. I will be there to capture those moments. That’s something rather special, isn’t it?

My intention is to exceed your expectation on every level. I was always clear that I wanted my integrity as a photographer to shine through and I’ve created a series of structures that I follow in the lead up to your day to ensure that we have a relationship built on trust.

With trust you will be able to let go on the day and be safe in the knowledge that I will do the best job possible and also that I care about the day. That I will be part of it. That I will chat to your grandad about photography and help your mum make cups of tea in the morning when she’s feeling a little panicky. That I won’t spend the whole day rounding people up to stop and stare at the camera. That isn’t my passion.

I will also be able to be safe in the knowledge that you are willing to collaborate and possibly push the barriers in order to get the best photographs. I’m not talking about hiking mountains here and – it is worth being aware that I do not shoot for coverage and it’s likely that you will not have a photograph of every guest present. That you acknowledge that I might steal you away for an additional ten minutes as your evening guests are arriving because I’ve just spotted the most beautiful light. That I know, with certainty, that you won’t mind if your dress gets slightly dirty underneath as I capture a stunning wide shot of you both in a dewy field.

My couples are also those who trust themselves. They are people who believe that their wedding day means that they are able to spend the rest of their life with their best friend and isn’t just about the one celebration. They don’t mind too much about stressing over flower arrangements if they can create interesting table decorations with DIY plant pots or herbs and they are confident in putting their stamp on the day and simply having a good time.

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