Jesse Jake,

Today you are 206 days old. That’s 29 weeks and 3 days. Or 6.74 months.

You’ve just begun, in the last week, to sit up unaided for a longer period of time before toppling off to one side. You’re really strong on your legs and enjoy standing up on our laps/carpet/couch/in your new bouncer. You’ve not figured out crawling yet although your knees seem to be a little more obvious to you.

We are doing baby led weaning with you, and started around a month ago. You’ve had whole chunks of banana, apple, pear, orange, avacado, rice cakes, husks, sweet potato, tuna, gluten & dairy free porridge, cucumber, carrot, chicken, bread sticks… and so on. You especially love sweet potato and the gluten and dairy free porridge {gluten free oats and almond milk}. Your papa has given you a tiny bit of ice cream which he was reprimanded for. Don’t get used to sugar.

You’ve currently got some baby form of laryngitis and you have two teeth coming through so it’s been a dreadful  fun week. I’m aiming to refrain from giving you too much medicine in order to let your own immune system strengthen but I’m not sure hot water is having quite the same soothing effect.

We took you to Norway a few weeks ago and I’m so proud to report that you were an absolute star on the plane, hardly making a peep. You spent the three days attached to me though in your Ergobaby carrier so by the time we got back on the Sunday you would NOT be put down without grumping. You win some, you lose some. It’s important to me that you see the world from a young age so I was glad to get some mountainous air in your lungs.

You’re still obsessed with the bath. Water, in general. I get absolutely soaked through most evenings by your chunky legs splashing about. You swam for the first time at Bluestone in Wales on our family holiday this summer, and Hayley has taken you a few times since. You’re a water baby, just like I was.

We’re all so excited to spend our first Christmas with you.

I love you,

Mama x