5 Wedding-Related Instagram Accounts…

… that you should be following!

Admittedly, I don’t follow many wedding accounts on my Instagram, having completed a huge cull over the COVID19 lockdown period. 

My inspiration and motivation within photography is always to tell stories, to build connection, and I do this best from bringing in elements of other genres into my work. Music photography, photo journalism, conceptual portraiture. I’ve never wanted to create the same cookie-cutter wedding images that you see time and time again and that isn’t what my couples hire me for. 

However, there are a select few that I follow because of their integrity, their desire to make a difference within the industry and their celebration of local businesses and focus on supporting diversity. 

Let me know if there are any you’d think I would like! 

Love My Dress wedding blog

Love My Dress, founded by the wonderful Annabel, has been a supporter of my work from very early in my journey. The blog has been solely responsible for me telling the stories of weddings across the world, including New York, and also photographing an ethically-minded hotel outside Marrakech for a honeymoon guide. 

Annabel strives to make our industry a more diverse and eco-friendly space and champions those that are like-minded.

Nu Bride wedding blog

Nu Bride, founded by diversity campaigner Nova Reid, is a ‘multi-award winning wedding platform and the UK’s 1st wedding show celebrating diversity’. One look at Nova’s Instagram and you’ll see why I’ve chosen this as my number two account you should be following. 

Real love, shown in a real way.

Little Garden Flowers

Full disclosure, Lois of Little Garden Flowers is a personal friend of mine. I haven’t selected her for that reason alone though. Lois works from a beautiful home studio in Warwickshire, supplying fresh seasonal British-grown flowers. She actively works on creating an eco-friendly and low-waste business and approaches her work with excellence. 

She has been selected to have a showcase of her work at The Chelsea Flower Show next year and I’m thrilled to see where this takes her. 

Rolling In Roses

I first fell in love with the wedding dress designs of Rolling In Roses at Angie + Chris’ wedding in Cambridge a couple of years back. Having followed them ever since, I’m always so impressed by their output. Sequin jumpsuits and tailored bridal trousers, anyone!?

Taken from their website: “We use sustainable, ethically produced, organic and eco-friendly fabrics, and offer vegan alternatives to silk. We also recycle all our fabric offcuts, and package our dresses in biodegradable bags, recycled acid-free tissue paper, and unbleached cardboard boxes”

Briars Atlas Wedding Photography

The bio of Oli Sansom – aka Briars Atlas – reads “If Wes Anderson shot weddings”. That alone is enough to make me love him.

However, there’s way more than that. Oli is the only wedding photographer I would consistently look at for inspiration and his lockdown online Instagram workshop has been an incredible source of advice. It’s pure artwork and he challenges our understanding of what ‘wedding photography’ can be. 

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