I can’t believe my little boy is two months old already.

Jesse, you’ve been starting to giggle a little this week. You follow these odd sounds by a very shy smile, hiding your face away in whatever is nearest to you in a way that just melts the heart. You’re so confident when left with people and I’m very proud of you for this. You enjoyed a lovely first weekend with Nanny (my mum) as I was away shooting in Birmingham & Cornwall and as much as I love my job, you’re always on my mind. I think you’re beginning to work out that your arms are part of you as I caught you watching one of them wave around earlier. You had your first injections two days ago and you were so, so brave. Dadda and I went out on our first ‘date’ since you were born… to see X-Men (you’ll be taught in all things superheroes very soon…) and that old sod of yours lost his wallet within about 30 seconds somewhat tarnishing the magic of the whole thing. Still, it was nice to be in the cinema and we learnt today that it was handed in to the bank so there is some good in the world.

I love you, C xx