Destination Wedding in Egypt | Amy & Hegazy

Amy & Hegazy’s destination wedding started at Cairo airport, Egypt.

I’d never been to Egypt before, and I’d never met the couple before. I sat next to a man on the plane that travels to Cairo often for work and his surprise at my willingness to jump into the unknown made me somewhat question my understanding of risk.

And yet, there they were. Sat outside the airport in their car, waiting for me. Amy gave me the biggest hug and I knew these were going to be a very special few days.

A & H live in Maadi, a suburb of Cairo itself. We headed out to Zooba for breakfast, a local cafe, that sells the best lemon and mint drinks I’ve ever had. You need a high level of refreshment in that heat, even in October.

The day-before’s plan was to head out onto the Dead Sea on a boat with some of A & H’s closest friends but before that we did a bit of a tourist-style trip to the incredible Citadel and then into the markets to see the array of beautiful objects for sale that Egypt has to offer. It’s definitely useful to be in those markets with an Arabic speaker as haggling is part and parcel of any purchase. The more respect the vendor tends to have, the lower the price.

The Dead Sea is remarkable, albeit incredibly salty. I adore the sea and swimming, but for this occasion I spent more time on the boat taking images of the wonderful humans around me and their floats on this surreal seascape.

That evenings dinner was held in a restaurant that I cannot for the life of me find now on Google, but it had a stunning view over the Nile and some of the best shisha I’ve ever had.

All in all, I would absolutely adore to visit Cairo again and to document another destination wedding there would be a dream.

Have a look at the video below for some shaky GoPro footage, and then scroll down further for their wedding images.



Oh wow Claudia! These are stunning. I love your style and use of natural light and urban backdrops. Simply gorgeous!

I’m blown away with these, truly I am. There’s such artistry here, an understanding of photography which excels taking pleasing imagery. It’s story telling at it’s best and all done with your natural creativity. I bloomin love it x

This couple had me at the shot of them holding hands in the car. The thing I most love about this incredible set of stunning photographs, is the way you have created a brilliant blend of destination reportage and wedding photography. I feel like I’ve got a real sense of the place as well as the couple and their wedding. I truly feel like I’m there. That’s something rare and special, C. Truly lovely stuff x

Oh Claudia, your work makes takes me somewhere every time. Obviously this time I’m taken to Egypt! But much more than that, I’m transported to a place that makes me feel part of it and I get so much of the vibe of the day and the emotion. Your portraits and the way you use that fab light are exquisite. Love love love x

Claudia once again you’ve raised the bar. Obviously the location adds to the images but your sense of light and seeing an image is awesome. My fave of the collection is in the car holding hands. Seeing that, the light and the colour is gorgeous. Love it.

Cat Ekkelboom-White

What an incredible wedding. I absolutely love the contract that you created with the beautiful bride and groom and the crumbling and bleak landscapes. Just stunning!

wow….anyone that looks at these photos (whether present at the wedding or not) will feel like they have been transported to Egypt and were part of the wedding. These images are soooo uber cool. Brilliant, and such inspiring, amazing work :-)

Love these photos!! Particularly the ones in the wind farm and with the pepsi wall. So good! Nx

Beautiful photographs Claudia! I’m actually off to photograph a destination wedding next week and you’ve just inspired me!

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