A Poppy Perspective dress for an Olde Bell wedding | Jade & Jonnie

It’s just not me to write for ‘SEO’, and anyway, they tell you to construct ‘cornerstone content’ including useful tips throughout those posts.

That is definitely not something I’ve been doing very well. I’ll add it to the list of winter jobs.

For now, we are half way through August and my not-yet-shared content is hitting an all time high. I’ll be honest, I massively swing from ‘fuck, I’m too busy‘, to ‘I’m getting addicted to this level of adrenaline‘.

At one point over July I had two days off to be able to sit and edit. Every single other day either consisted of shooting or travelling.

The images I’m going to add to this specific post are from May. You’ll notice, pretty immediately, Jade’s smile. Every single wedding I photograph is an unprecedented happy occasion… and Jade really knocked it out of the park. The way she looked at Jonnie for the entirety of their wedding ceremony very nearly moved me to tears.

You’ll see what I mean.

Jade found me through Phiney of Poppy Perspective and also Tabitha, whose wedding I photographed back in 2017. Both times Phiney has designed and made their insanely delicate and beautiful wedding dresses. She’s one to watch if you’re looking for something a little bit different.

Jade and Jonnie had their wedding celebrations in Hurley; their ceremony at the church just down the road from The Olde Bell. You know I love a good barn and the light is always exquisite.

Words from the couple:Claudia was absolutely amazing and we can’t thank her enough! It was so lovely having her there throughout the day to both take some lovely snaps and enjoy her company as she integrated and mingled with our wedding party. We are currently enjoying looking over the photos again and again and keep noticing new little moments she managed to capture perfectly – they are the most special collection of photos that we will be able to come back to in years to come. Thank you so much!

On with the visuals…

If you are planning your wedding at The Olde Bell and would like to discuss your wedding photography, please do contact me for a chat.

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