About Me...

Claudia Rose Carter Photographer

Hey! I’m Claudia, and I call Kenilworth in Warwickshire my home.

The best way that I can describe it is saying that it will be as though you have just another close friend with you; one that happens to have a camera.

That’s the feedback that I have received the most over the last nine years of this journey. I’ve been so lucky to be part of over 250 wedding days and I can genuinely say, in the day dreams about my own wedding guest list, that so many of those people would have a seat at a table.

I’ve travelled the world with them, laughed with them, hugged them at multiple times during the day, discussed breathing methods when the nerves kick in, helped do up their dress or attach buttonholes. I’ve cried with them, taken shots with them, worked with them again when the next stage of their lives begin and the babies start appearing.

Every single wedding is a new story for me. Every single couple is different, and requires a new fresh way of ‘seeing’. Every mother or father of the bride has a different opinion about the group photographs and honestly, that’s just a small portion of the day that we should aim to get right. It’s important for me to recognise every single person that is part of your life and I leave my house every morning with the intention that this’ll be the best one yet.

This isn’t just my job. It’s my art. It’s my oxygen. It’s hard work, long hours, can be socially exhausting. And it’s magical and exhilarating and love is freaking incredible.

Most importantly? We are in it together.


My 2019 Photography Round-Up (with intro by me)