Areias do Seixo Wedding | Portugal | Em & Peds

This. When everything is just perfect.

As a photographer it can be frustrating when the light isn’t great, or the timings are rushed, or any of the endless unforeseen things that can happen at a wedding. I pride myself on being able to make it fantastic no matter the odds; and it does make my heart sing when all the elements come together.

I would give my right arm to be able to shoot at Areias Do Seixo again. It’s possibly my favourite hotel I’ve ever been to. The AirBnB I stayed in was just down the road, also on the coast, and waking up to hearing waves crash against the sand is genuinely one of the best sounds in the entire world.

Em & Peds had a drinks occasion the night before at Noah, Areias’ surf bar a couple of miles away. We had incredible mist for the first two days and then on their wedding day the sunshine came to greet them.

Can you tell I’m in love!? Look at the images to see what I mean… hopefully the vibe comes across.