Artistic Sorrento wedding photography // Stef & Niall

Occasionally when I speak to people regarding what I do for work their response is “that must be great.. shame having your weekends all taken up though”. And inwardly I sigh yet outwardly I smile sweetly and explain this:

My job, if you can call it that at all, is something I would spend every single day of the year doing. It’s my passion and my life. It’s a massive responsibility and yet with that you get to make new friends every single weekend, to enjoy in their happiness and cry with them through their sadness. It’s something to completely throw yourself in at the deep end with.

To be able to document the wedding of two of my oldest friends is totally humbling.

I met Niall around 8 years ago through a mutual friend with whom he was in a band with and began to take photographs for them during their live gigs. I remember first meeting Stef not that long after in Studio 24, Edinburgh at some gig or another. That was our life, music. It still is theirs to a massive degree; having met at a gig themselves originally. Music has led them to be Mr & Mrs Hillen.

The one thing that will forever stay in my heart is when I left Edinburgh to move to London I held a leaving drinks not expecting too many people to show up. These two were the first two people there and had come with a card for me. I knew at that moment that I had proper friends for life.

Stef & Niall, I love you both and massive congratulations again. This is your Sorrento wedding photography story:


You just blew my mind. I’ve been following you for a few months now, and thought you’d be perfect for our Italian wedding (we are from the states) after seeing these! Granted, I thought your work was pretty perfect prior to seeing these. Hoping whenever a date gets picked that you’ll be available. I really really really mean it.

These are the most properly rustic set of wedding images we’ve ever seen any wedding photographer achieve. Beautiful set! We’re definitely keeping our eye on your work for future publication on the Taming Zilla blog. Just lovely! Thanks for making my morning here in Australia :-)

Beautiful… the pier shots…. the bridesmaids in their red gowns…. awesome.

Simply breathtaking. So proud of you.

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