Autumn Feels…

Jesse is currently only in nursery on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday which leaves me with a Monday and Thursday to have to entertain him. The older he gets I’m learning the best trick is just to utterly tire him out, which seems to be common advice shared between parents of boys! Last Thursday we decided to go out for a long walk so he donned his Paw Patrol wellies and off we set.

Five miles, one bowl of pasta pesto, one Paw Patrol magazine, 20 minutes at the park and a trip to Argos to buy a new buggy later he was fast asleep for the walk home; a job well done.

I adored taking some images on my IPhone 7+ – the portrait mode is so beautiful and a great option if you are like me and dislike taking your actual camera out daily.

Some of the things I love about Autumn; all the colours (always such good colour pairing inspiration!), crisp fresh air, pumpkin spice lattes, wearing cosy jumpers (THIS but as a jumper is my fav), the countdown to Christmas, Harry Potter re-watching, spending afternoons in bookstores and chicken noodle soup.

What is your favourite season?