Baby, I’m Yours | Helena + Tom

My brain is absolute mush at the moment.

I always love the new start to the year as it tends to be full of free desk-time for catching up on blogging recent work and focusing on how best to create new opportunities for the next year onwards. This year I’ve hit the ground running and find myself spending most days out of the house on family or commercial shoots or climbing hills on personal projects. 

I always really value showcasing as much of my work from the previous year as possible; it’s a great gauge to my own sense of ego as to what I need to work on or check in with myself on (cough, why doesn’t my flash always do what I want for dancing) and provides a constantly updated version of my portfolio for hungry eyes to peruse. 

As I write this I have over 30 new blog updates to prioritise. I need a second human in my business. Maybe I’ll start playing the lottery…

Starting as I mean to go on, here’s a beaut from 2019. Helena + Tom met in their first year of University and have been together since. They love cats and indie music (and especially the Arctic Monkeys, hence the title of this.)

Venues: St Johns Church in Goring on Thames and Hillfields Farm in Lower Basildon.

If you are planning a wedding at Hillfields Farm and are looking for an experienced photographer, please do contact me to chat further.