The title for this post is ‘best of 2017’; purely for making it more obvious what you’re clicking on.

However, I would rather not refer to these images as my ‘best’ images.

Sometimes I feel that there is huge demand in this wedding photography industry at the moment for creating ‘epic’ photographs and it’s really not what I’m ultimately interested in. I don’t swoon for technicality, I purposefully don’t strive for hyper-real recognition and my work doesn’t win awards.

I just want to create work that is honest to me and a genuine reflection of the day as my couples experienced it.

If it evokes an emotional response in anyone else then that’s an added bonus.

It comes down to your ‘why’ and mine is very simply because I can’t imagine doing anything else.

I want to work at my craft for my own personal selfish reasons; to maintain my love for moving forwards and also I want my couples to value that I don’t want to create anything different on their day from WHAT IS.

This was my first year using Fuji solely, all of these are taken on a Fuji X-T2 and either their 23mm or 56mm lenses. It’s been a learning curve and I’m keen to hear feedback on this work compared to previous years.

There is less personal work than before as I’ve been focusing on family and especially Jesse over the last 12 months. This is the year he starts school ‘properly’ so perhaps the 2018 round up will include more playful project images.

Motto for 2018: Keep life simple. Be kind. 

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Beautiful photography Claudia, loved every frame.

Timelessly cool and always considered.Fantastic work as always Claudia! x

Such a wonderful collection. You have a unique style that stands out.

What a collection! A unique style for sure! And at this time, what’s more important in someone’s wedding work! There’s great moments here. Love the hairspray shot!

Love everything about your work Claudia! It is just straight the heart of a natural born photographer. This is such a great collection.

So creative and beautiful Claudia such a great mix.

One of my favourite roundups of 2017. So much life and character. You’ve managed to find that fine balance between real life and art. All the best for an amazing 2018.

I always think of you as the sort of ‘proper’ photography so many aspire to be and this collection reinforces that for me. Photos that are cool and artistic yet timeless and honest. You have a unique voice that you seem completely comfortable with and confident in and it’s always a joy to check out your work. Keep on keeping on!

Gorgeous Claudia!! I love your openness and honesty too. Here’s to 2018 lovely xx

Beautiful work Claudia. I love that your work isn’t about capturing those epic “hero” shots that everyone loves but are quickly forgotten. You have a gift fir seeing that real moments that actually “mean” something, the ones that become people’s most cherished memories. Xx

So beautiful Claude… I feel it… and it is beautiful and resonates deeply. xx

Love the words C…I can so fully relate! And as always your work reflects that personal approach and mindset you bring to wedding photography. And as much as I love all the emotional and subtle images…. the swing ball face wins it for me!!! Don’t think I saw you in 2017…lets change that in 2018! It would be great to have a natter and a catch up x

Beautiful and inspiring, both words and images.

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