Hello, I'm Claudia!

I will reply to your emails. I will look at your inspiration boards. I will recognise that your wedding isn't the same as the one the week before and I will photograph it without any set up structure, without any bossing people around, without it being even that obvious that I AM the photographer. I pride myself on being the antagonist to the theory that wedding photographers need hours to get their shots and generally are not that nice to be around. I will be part of the good memories from your wedding day and I'll also document them so you can remember them for years to come :)

I love stories behind tattoos, cosy winter socks, oatly flat whites, being out in nature, weight lifting/general fitness, a good chicken stew and my family.

Thirteen years ago I was working in a music studio in Edinburgh, where I lived during my teenage years. My closest friends all worked for the events band that was managed through the studio and I spent my weekends at weddings and corporate gigs; watching the sound engineer and just generally being a not-very-useful-roadie. To keep me busy my wonderful boss (knowing I was already interested in photography) bought me a Canon and a kit lens and asked me to get some backstage and live shots that we could use in promotional material. I fell in love and I didn't look back. I've been working full time in photography now for seven years and I adore to tell stories and capture moments that are treasured for lifetimes.

Samara & Richie

Finding Claudia was a fluke, the best fluke of our lives (next to meeting one another of course). Like most people who will be reading this, selecting the perfect photographer to capture our day was one of our most important priorities. Unlike most people however, our engagement and wedding planning timeline was only three months long. Following a full few days of panicked, relentless searching, Claudia’s name came to us through a referral.

On our big day, next to being a photographer, she became many other things; friend, hairdresser, lost property finder, bridal party organiser, mother of the bride tamer, artistic director, you name it, she played it. Her influence over our day was nothing but positive. No aspect of the photography was contrived or painful, she simply slipped inconspicuously in and around the day capturing the most special of moments.

The photographs that she created for us exude personality and preciseness; each and every image has such beauty, depth and emotion. I never tire of looking at them and I never tire of singing her praises to all of those who compliment us on them.

Claudia is truly good at what she does, it’s as simple as that. Her work portrays a passion that can’t be feigned and I can confidently say that for any other important moment in our lives when a photographer may be needed again, it will be her standing by us with camera in hand.

Aliki & El

We spent hours last night poring over them – I can’t quite believe that we are lucky enough to have such beautiful memories from the day preserved forever! You are so unbelievably talented – I dont think anyone else would have been able to capture all the little details and the range of emotions we all felt that day, it’s like you can feel it radiating from each image!!

The fact that we also made a friend in the process makes it all the more incredible – we cannot thank you enough for everything you did on the day, and in the build up. Not forgetting of course that you have gone over and above in a BIG way by delivering hundreds more photos than you needed to, which I know would have created a lot of work for you and we are so grateful!!

Tamsin & Sonya


Where do I start?!
From the first time we contacted you after pouring over your amazing work we knew we had found the person we wanted to capture our wedding. You've been a complete dream to work with from day one. Fitting in a last-minute pre-wedding shoot (which totally blew us away) and accommodating us in a way we couldn't even have asked for.
On meeting you we both felt that we really clicked and struck up a real friendship. That made us even more certain, more excited and more comfortable that we had chosen the right person. You understood the dream we had for our wedding photography and we felt we could trust you completely in your artistic vision - and we were right.
You fit in to our wedding so perfectly. I know a lot of people want their photographer to 'blend in', be 'unseen' or 'invisible', but that was the last thing we wanted. We wanted you to feel included in the day and to share all the emotions that came with that and you truly did, whilst remaining completely professional and discreet in those private moments that you captured so incredibly.
I think this personable nature of yours is the reason our pictures have turned out the way they have. We felt able to be open with and around you, to be ourselves in every moment, and you have captured the love, joy and emotion of our day in a way we could never have dreamed of or hoped for.
We truly could not be happier with the end result of our wedding photography, they will allow us to never ever forget every moment and feeling, and we have you to thank for that. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love, Sonya and Tamsin