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Building a home…

After having entirely renovated a house whilst 6 through to 9 months pregnant (and unfortunately then also after Jesse was born), I swore I would never do it again. Our builder knocked a nail into a threshold plate in the upstairs en-suite and flooded the kitchen, my wonderful idea of having wooden white painted stairs just meant they constantly looked dirty, the dark wooden floors scuffed so easily and the very expensive slate flooring in the kitchen wasn’t cleaned properly after the grouting was done by another builder which ruined the effect…

I was left feeling pretty unfulfilled and underwhelmed by the entire thing.

When OH bought a house back in May I was adamant I was NOT living there. The previous owner had obvious spent a bit of dosh on decorations to try and bring it into the modern era, but you can tell from the kitchen and bathroom (and said decoration) that it was seriously lacking in style. It was going to take real work to get it to a level that I would be happy to call home.

I was listening to the wonderful Hashtag Authentic podcast last night in bed; Sara was interviewing Tara Mohr (it’s super interesting if you have time to check it out) and it came up in conversation how important it is to be inspired in the space you live in. For most people, it’s the place they spend the most time.

I’m particularly affected by this, always have been. If the space I’m in feels unfinished to me then I feel unfinished. If it’s messy, my head feels messy. Call it slightly OCD or whatever you will, but I need things to be a certain way.

When OH and I did decide recently that we were going to live in the new house, I was straight on Pinterest, planning away. He’s decided to take the majority of the work on himself which does save on the finances but our time together is now massively reduced, which is tough. I’ve always just hired in people to do specific jobs to then best use my own time but I can see what an achievement it’ll feel when it’s finished that it’s been mostly self-completed… so I’m working on being relaxed about it.

We have a big walk through living/dining room. There will be shelves in the alcoves by the dining table for our endless books, dvds, disc golf trophies (sigh), and other knick knacks. My stunning Clamped Steel dining table will take pride of place and it will then lead through to a kitchen we are re-building; brand new shape, new walls, new roof, new units, new york subway tiles, Smeg fridge, butler sink… the works.

We’ll have electric underfloor heating throughout (no more radiators!!), new wooden flooring throughout, OH is building Jesse a climbing wall in his bedroom (boys toys…) and my very own walk in wardrobe.

We also then have a garage which is literally the size of the house again to refurbish in 2018 to be half an office/studio space and half a man cave (bye bye disc golf trophies….)

Have you renovated or refurbished your own home? Any tips or tricks to share to prevent those blues when things don’t go to plan!?

Claudia xo