Caroline Castigliano and Louboutins | An Elegant London Marriage

I said I was going to post one blog a day, didn’t I? Perhaps I just said that to myself, in my mind. I’m on day five of no alcohol today and my brain has turned to mush. I completely forgot to even turn the laptop on yesterday, let alone formulate a blog post.

Today is a good day so far. I’m sat in the gym (Warwick Uni Sports Centre), on a bench along the wall in the new Caffe Nero they’ve just installed. I’ve consumed a vanilla yoghurt and an oat milk americano. Normally it’d be a latte, but I’m cutting back on the calories. Need something else in my life to control given the lack of gin.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an absolute blast after a few cocktails. Today’s couple (and indeed venue) know that to be a fact. I definitely didn’t accidentally break a beer tap later on, resulting in myself and an Italian barman covered in pale ale. Luckily they barely blinked an eyelid and I sent over the full set of images to the manager for their unrestricted use.

All good things.

When Emma and I first spoke, she made clear that her husband to be, the wonderful Oli, was categorically not a fan of having his photograph taken. Given that my style is heavily influenced by not directing anyone to do anything during a wedding day, it was a match made. They booked.

With an incredible ceremony including full choir and service held by Emma’s best friend’s father (how beautifully personal) held at St Jude on the Hill, and a reception held at the pub-delight-of-all-light St John’s Tavern.

This was a wedding of intricate stories and mesmerising elegance.

A massive thank you to my man Matthew Long for second shooting this with me. A begrudging thank you for providing me with champagne, laughing at my ridiculous dancing and just basically being my carer. He also knocked it out the park with the images he delivered.

Em, Ols. Thank you so much for having us both be part of your day. It was an absolute pleasure. xxox

If you are planning your wedding at St Johns Tavern or elsewhere in London, and would like to discuss your wedding photography, please do contact me for a chat.

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