Casa Do Lago Wedding Photography | Diva & Stu

Casa Do Lago Wedding Photography | Diva & Stu

Sometimes I hustle hard for the weddings I know will be an absolute dream, and Stu & Diva were two humans that got my full on ‘wedding hustle’. Before I left London to move to the sunny Midlands I had a couple of meetings with Stu regarding personal training as the PT company (Rook Fitness) that he runs in Woodford is one that everyone should be training at and I wanted in. I was super sad not to be able to continue training with Stu due to the move but we stayed friends on Facebook and when the announcement popped up that he’d proposed to his drop-dead-gorgeous Diva I was fully ready to slide in the DM’s and make them hire me.

Thankfully, they did. And their wedding was in Portugal. With a bunch of equally incredible humans around them. I’ve since booked the wedding of two great friends of theirs for next year who I cannot WAIT to spend more time with.

Casa Do Lago (part of Quinta do Lago) on the Algarve in Portugal is the perfect place to party and chill. The right amount of good food, good booze and poolside fun mixed with the sunshine that Portugal brings and it was a brilliant three days. See for yourself…