Driving The Coromandel
May 10, 2019
Driving The Coromandel and the East Coast of the North Island, New Zealand We have been back from our NZ trip for just over two weeks and the memories of the journey still appear in my mind every sin... VIEW POST
Film Scans | Imperfection Is My Middle Name
January 16, 2019
Film Scans | Imperfection Is My Middle Name A bit of a mishmash from December 2018 and January 2019, all taken on either a Lomo LCA+ or Pentax ME Super. Processed and scanned by The Latent Image. T... VIEW POST
December 30, 2018
Ruminations. If I've learnt one single thing this year, it's that I thrive from routine. Actually, I wrote something else to complete that sentence initially which has reminded me 2018 has ... VIEW POST
My List Of Love #5
November 28, 2018
My List Of Love #5 This is how easy it is for my mind to go off on a tangent; I just accessed the photos on my IPhone in order to transfer some over into my ICloud to then be able to jump into them t... VIEW POST
Myself, and my world.
November 21, 2018
Myself, and my world.  I almost feel like world should have a capital W in this instance. He is my World. I've somehow managed to keep him alive since the 5th of April 2014 (if you aren't counting gr... VIEW POST
My List Of Love #4
November 15, 2018
english farmyard wedding photography My List Of Love #4 I feel like I ought to only write when I have something meaningful to say, but in truth I find the act of writing itself cathartic. So, if you're happy for me to share my rambli... VIEW POST
My List Of Love #3
November 5, 2018
My List Of Love #3 I can't stop procrastinating today and it's making my mind a little hectic. It's the first day back after the half-term so I've begun the day feeling really motivated and excited... VIEW POST
The ‘How’ and ‘Why’.
October 22, 2018
The 'How' and the 'Why' I haven't mentioned The DARE Workshops over on this blog for a while now and predominately the reason for that is simply because I've been a bit rubbish with blogging in gen... VIEW POST
Falling Behind…
October 21, 2018
Falling Behind It's been a difficult week. One full of the mean reds. “You know those days when you get the means reds?’ ‘Same as the blues?’ ‘No,’ she said slowly. ‘No, the blues are because you’... VIEW POST
My List Of Love #2
October 12, 2018
crear wedding photography My List Of Love #2 Today has been the most frustrating day of the week so far because I've been unable to do very much. I'm photographing the wedding of two close friends tomorrow, followed by the ... VIEW POST
In Small Bites
October 9, 2018
In Small Bites I was exhausted last night, I keep wondering whether there is something wrong with my immune system making me constantly weak but I think in reality it's the consequence of one too m... VIEW POST
My List Of Love #1
October 4, 2018
A wedding at the St Pancras Renaissance My List of Love #1 I'm always most inspired by having different projects; whether they are related to photography or writing. Whilst I was still consciously working on always challenging myself, I... VIEW POST
Who Am I?
September 19, 2018
WHO AM I? So far in 2018 I have photographed 28 weddings, a handful of pre weddings, one or two portrait shoots and not that much else. When I began to focus more on wedding photography back in 2011 ... VIEW POST
iceland on iphone
May 8, 2018
ICELAND I spend my life either travelling and adventuring, or dreaming about doing those things. Our last mini break was to Iceland (thanks avios!) where we hired a camper van from Go Iceland and exp... VIEW POST
November Vibes…
November 13, 2017
How is it November already!? I've been super quiet on the blog over the last couple of months because I have so many beautiful weddings to share and in past years have gotten to Christmas and have r... VIEW POST
the sea and my heart
October 12, 2017
For as long as I can remember the sea has the instant power of calming my heart. I'm currently sitting in my Air BnB in Portugal, drinking red wine that my host kindly left (so much love), and liste... VIEW POST
jesse jake
October 4, 2017
Jesse Jake I've always adored reading Nirrimi's blog, from the start, from before Alba existed. Coincidentally, Alba was my name for Jesse before I was even aware that a) he was a boy and b) she wo... VIEW POST
autumn feels
October 2, 2017
Autumn Feels... Jesse is currently only in nursery on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday which leaves me with a Monday and Thursday to have to entertain him. The older he gets I'm learning the best tr... VIEW POST
building a home…
September 28, 2017
[et_pb_section bb_built="1" admin_label="section"][et_pb_row admin_label="row"][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text admin_label="Text" _builder_version="3.0.50" background_layout="light" text_orientat... VIEW POST
mind in a muddle
September 27, 2017
I can't even count the times that I've written on this blog that I'm going to start writing again. Too many to fit on one hand. And I haven't done it. I was about to write that life gets in the w... VIEW POST
thailand travel photography // koh samui
February 24, 2017
thailand travel photography // koh samui When I originally arrived on Samui back in August 2016 all set to shoot the beautiful wedding of Abi & Rob, I knew instantly that my heart was stolen. Bei... VIEW POST
samui, sponsored by the letter ‘S’.
August 9, 2016
 \ \     Samui is sticky, sweaty and stifling today. The jetlag has been wiping me out the past couple of days, however this morning I finally awoke to the sun (k... VIEW POST
life lately…
August 4, 2016
I'm currently sitting listening to Etta James - Something's Got A Hold On Me and waiting for Lightroom to update on my MacBook Air so I can add some photographs to this blog. I am, after all, ... VIEW POST
Exploring film photography
May 4, 2016
I, like so many others, love that rush of excitement you get when the lab email you to let you know that your photographs are ready. That feeling of not knowing how they'll turn out, that exploration;... VIEW POST
jesse, aged 17 months
September 9, 2015
Jesse, I haven't written to you for a long time. It seems life just caught up with us and I began to make excuses. My Jesse and me blog, the one I had so much passion for, it had to be put second ... VIEW POST
sabrina ghayour at jamie oliver’s fifteen
January 14, 2015
Before Christmas, in the DARE Graduate Facebook group, we were tasked with a rather exciting project; 'You must create a shoot with someone you have not met before (face-to-face) in either their hom... VIEW POST
nine years later – a journey
December 12, 2014
(top left - steph, taken on an olympus trip // top right - chair, taken on an olympus trip // bottom left - fraser, taken on a canon 400d // bottom right - edinburgh, taken on an olympus trip) I ... VIEW POST
the littlest companion
November 18, 2014
I've done it. I've made the decision. And, oh, it's a weight off. I've been struggling for the last 8 months on how best to figure the work/baby balance. Should I be more of a stay at home mum? Shou... VIEW POST