Combermere Abbey Wedding | Thea & Tom

Combermere, for me, was one of those venues in this life as a wedding photographer that I drove up to with awe on the night before Thea & Tom’s big day. Any time you need a security code to get inside the gates, I’m pretty sold. And it didn’t disappoint. A ceremony room entirely of glass on three sides, endless gardens with an array of forestry and flowers, old stonework and cosy cottages.

Thea & Tom had organised a fire engine pizza truck the night before and the guests stood outside one of those cottages mentioned and dined and drank wine. The LETS GO in me stayed up a little late having a heart to heart with the groom about why I was the best choice for the job… and the mother in me felt her heart tear when their little boy, Knox, coughed and sneezed his way through bridal prep. Thea, acting on very little sleep, looked insane. You’ll see from the images below… but trust me, breathtaking. These two and their friends made me instantly welcome and I photographed the ***** out of their day.

Special note here to my FAVOURITE florist, Red Floral Architecture, who I am now online-stalking for their insane work.