Copenhagen Pregnancy Session | A+P

Photographing A+P’s wedding in Copenhagen will stay engraved on my memory as one of my happiest experiences to date. I’d recently left a volatile relationship situation, I was photographing back to back weddings across Europe and I had just had my eyebrows tinted the perfect shade of brown. Which, I’ve annoyingly never managed to replicate. 

A+P have the perfect sense of aesthetic style. It’s simple, ethical, yet familiar and beautiful. Their wedding dinner reception took place in a greenhouse on top of a converted car factory where so much of the produce served is grown on site. A’s dress was designed by a woman that creates for the ballet and incorporated the most beautiful painting from Thorvaldsens Museum ceiling. They are truly two of the best humans that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and I was thrilled when they invited me back to Copenhagen to include Bump + Miles in my art.

Some of my couples aren’t keen on being too obvious on my portfolio. Sometimes they explain the reason, sometimes they don’t. It’s not my place to ask, yet it is my place to respect that. 

I’m proud of these subtle images that show this family of four and this incredible Danish light.

If you are looking for an experienced photographer for a pregnancy session where you won’t be asked to do poses that’ll make you cringe, please do contact me to chat further.

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