Dan Crossley | Singer | Portrait Session

I’m in love with this one’s voice. Dan Crossley is a London based singer/artist/musician/amazing face who somehow I connected with on Facebook quite a few months ago and have been following ever since.

I’m so glad that we got together this early in the year; Dan is a bundle of passion and I truly loved shooting with him. This ability to play with light, to play with direction, to play with the darker side of photography if you will left me feeling really inspired and he was the perfect model; entirely up for experimenting and collaborating on what we both wanted.

Stay tuned to both of our Facebook pages as we’re hopefully going to be creating some amazing new content soon with perhaps even some video thrown in there as I learn more about the other availableĀ usesĀ of my Canon.

As we venture further into 2016 I will be posting with a lot more of a focus on portrait photography as well as my gorgeous weddings. I’m currently pursuing a series of portraiture featuring some lovely creatives from all over London and I really hope that you’re going to enjoy them as much as I enjoy photographing them.

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