My man is great for a good many things, including (and perhaps most importantly) being the father of our son. He’s also a bit of lovely at supporting me to challenge myself with my photography. A few months ago a project was set in his Facebook project group Appleheads with the purpose of each member completing a personal shoot following the structure of an album that they had been given. Mine was David Bowie – Heroes and I had to take a photograph that represented each track.

My intention was to produce imagery that evoked the same feelings that the equivalent song did rather than be ‘obvious’ about it.

I do hope you think I have succeeded.

1 - beauty and the beast2 - sons of the silent age3 - joe the lion4 - heroes5 - blackout6 - sense of doubt7 - v2 schneider8 - moss garden9 - neukolln10 - secret life of arabia


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BEAUTIFUL!!! I need to join that group!

This is exquisite. Haunting Claudia. So proud of you. xxx

Oh this is stunning!

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