Dewsall Court wedding photography // Paul & Rebecca

When one of your favourite and inspiring humans gets in touch to say that her beautiful sister is getting married to a bearded, tattooed photographer bloke and they are hand-making A LOT of dream catchers, you know it’s going to be a pretty epic wedding.

And that it was. Dewsall Court was the perfect backdrop for Paul & Rebecca’s arty/boho/rock n roll chic wedding with it’s own tiny church on site and endless space to fill with wonderful design.

Special note to Rebecca’s insane Rue De Seine dress – I adore their designs!!

“I never thought I’d miss you
Half as much as I do
And I never thought I’d feel this way
The way I feel
About you
As soon as I wake up
Every night, every day
I know that it’s you I need
To take the blues away

It must be love, love, love
It must be love, love, love
Nothing more, nothing less
Love is the best”

Lush mate! Looks like an amazing wedding. Beautifully captured

Claudia, these are epic! What a beautiful day! Everything, the colours, the movement, the warmth between people, feels vivid and alive.

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