I like simple things in life...

White walls, Danish furniture, a selection of black t-shirts and black jeans, meat & veg for dinner. Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming task and the last thing I want is to make the photography yet another minefield you have to work through just to understand what you're buying. So, there is just one package. Keep it simple. I want to be there to document your love and party with you! No two weddings are the same and there is no 'one size fits all'.

It's really important to me that we connect, so I aim to have a phone call at the enquiry stage with all of my couples, just to tell you a bit more about me. Then we have a face to face meeting or Skype session before the day itself and around 6 weeks before I'll email you a questionnaire so you can note down any important family photographs and the timings of the day.

A guest with a camera...

Is the most common feedback I get from my couples; that it felt like having another good friend there who happened to be taking photographs. I've tried the whole 'blending in to the background' approach and it just doesn't eventuate in those emotive images that I love to capture. I have to make people comfortable around me in order for them to forget the camera is there - even if that means helping your mum make a cup of tea in the morning or putting the camera down to help the boys do their button holes when not one of them can figure it out.

I want to get lost in the experience of the day just as much as the rest of your guests. Perhaps just minus the jagerbombs.

After the party has ended...

Within a couple of days I'll email you a handful of previews and usually pop one or two up on Instagram too. Then within 3-4 weeks you'll be emailed the slideshow file which you can keep and watch as many times as you like! I then drop you a link to your online gallery which contains all of the high res images - you can download individuals or the entire set. It comes with a couple-only password so you can mark any images as private that you don't want appearing on your nan's mantlepiece... and also means you can share the link to the gallery out with friends and family if they also wanted access to any of the images.

If you've purchased an album you have the ability to collate your favourite images into an album which I can access and then begin to design from. Album turnaround times can be up to 6 weeks; quality is always key!

sounds good...



- In person or Skype consultation
- Full days coverage
- Minimum 450 images via password protected online gallery
- All print rights included
- Slideshow of wedding highlights straight to your inbox



- Pre wedding photography shoot £250
- Second shooter £350
- One week image turnaround £300
- Albums start from £330 via the online gallery


- UK included unless overnight stay required (3 hours+ from Midlands)
- European weddings travel expenses £500
- Worldwide weddings travel expenses £1000

A quick note on investment: I know that there is no one size fits all. I know everyone is a different position with how much they want to spend, ought to spend, can spend. One of the (many!) reasons that I believe you should choose me as your wedding photographer is because I don’t approach each wedding or indeed each couple with my own structure; it’s just about getting to know you and not forcing my own ideas on the day. That includes the financial side as well. I’m a creative, so as it does so often follow, I hate talking money.

I know I’m worth the price quoted above. I know because I’ve been doing this for a long time. I know because I know how much others will charge for a lesser product. And it’s normally a greater number. I know because not one single one of my couples have ever said it wasn’t worth it.

I would just ask you to consider that although it feels like a great amount now I can guarantee that I will create images for you that will span a lifetime. If you work out the cost per day that you (and future generations) will enjoy your images… it’s pence.

Big love x