Family Photography Session at Home in Coventry | Anand

This little cutie is a perfect example of why I like to spend time to begin my family photography shoots just simply getting to know your children. 

Although Anand goes to school with my son in Coventry, we hadn’t yet managed to bump into each other at any of the assortment of birthday parties, so he hadn’t been introduced to me before. This meant that when I rocked up at his house armed with my camera it made no difference to him that I was ‘Jesse’s Mummy’. He’d been told that he was to have photographs taken that day – most children will balk at the concept of this. 

When I arrived he swiftly disappeared off to another room away from the expectation of what was going to happen next. Realising I wouldn’t get anywhere quickly by cajoling him into it, I put my camera down and sat cross legged on the floor next to him. Spotting a Forky toy (Toy Story!!) on the shelf near him plus an endless array of Superhero characters I made conversation about things HE loved. Within a matter of minutes the hesitation about the camera had gone; he knew he was in safe hands with a fellow Avengers geek.

Beginning these photography sessions at home always means your children feel safe and have references personal to them. One thing I hear a lot from parents is ‘excuse the mess…’. Please, I see bridal prep rooms most weekends, a handful of toys is nothing! 

If you are looking for an experienced family photography in Coventry or elsewhere in Warwickshire and the surrounding areas, please do contact me to chat further.

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