"The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it" - Peter Pan.

I gave birth to Jesse Jake in Harlow hospital of April 2014 and I thought I had it all planned out. I'd read Gina Ford, I'd bought the aden + anais swaddle cloths and I was sure in myself that I could just throw him in a sling and carry on with my life.

Ha.... The one thing Gina Ford didn't make clear enough was that even from a few days old each single child has their own set of rules. My Jesse was fearsome and obstinate and enquiring and from each milestone he already wanted to run to the next.

It was so difficult, for a long time. And yet all his quirks and nuances are one of the many reasons I love him. That magical spark in a child's eye as a tree becomes a dragon and the grass becomes the 'safe place' is one of the many reasons I love children. We should all be more free and wild.

That is what I want to capture. Your children as they are. Muddy boots, tears, the dimples as they say something cheeky. Your smile as your heart fills up just as the sight of them. The books on the bookshelf that they began to read with. The tiny curled up fingers of a newborn. The leaves on the ground in autumn that they take so much joy from when they are able to jump through them.

This is Wild of Heart.


I guess like many parents Carla didn't take to parenthood like a "duck to water". Unlike soppy, emotional me she is much more pragmatic and sensible and determined to try and do things text book…and that made it hard!

But I have not only watched her make it work and become an amazing mum..BUT I have also watched the bond between her and Feeb's grow into a beautiful little friendship..and this image is the culmination of that!

Sorry to waffle on but you need to be told how amazing your ability is..and how powerful your work is!

You know me..I don't wax lyrical about others ability (more likely to be lack of ability) but for what its worth I think your photography is mind blowing!

Thank you.


Oh god they are amazing.

I want them all. And an album. And MASSIVE bloody prints. And to turn them into wallpaper.