first day back; sarah and nic


Yesterday I photographed my first wedding since having had Jesse. I am so blessed that my 7 week old baby is sleeping through the night and is the most darling person to be around during the day, despite occasional whinges. However soppy this is; his smile in the morning really set me up for the day. I was so nervous in the lead up to my season starting that perhaps I’d ‘lost the touch’ and would be utterly baffled upon picking up my trusty Canon and at times I did question how I would feel being away from him for the 10-12 hours I spend getting to and with my couples on their big day.

I shouldn’t have worried. The amount of time, effort and joy that I’ve put into my job has ensured I am in a position similar to that of riding a bicycle… you never forget how to do it right.

I spoke with Gary a few days prior to this and he reminded me what he discusses at the DARE workshops; if you don’t feel a certain way, make it up. I woke up a few hours earlier than I needed to leave, made everybody breakfast, spent some time communicating with my son (he’s started to make funny little ‘aah’ and ‘huh’ noises if you look him in the eye and chat to him) and generally just focusing on feeling GOOD rather than which shots I needed to get in several hours time or whether or not I was actually going to hold it together. I focused on the present moment, and oh heavens it paid dividends.

The above shot was created by being present and seeing amazing light. Thank you dark rain clouds. Thank you my beautiful couple, Sarah & Nic.