GG’s Yard Wedding | Tim & Steph

Allow me to make a slight tangent here which may not altogether be relevant to a blog about a wedding at GG’s Yard. Male attitudes towards showing emotion in the UK (specifically) are in a less than perfect state. Generally speaking our so called socialised-and-possibly-leftie generation Y are still teaching our male offspring that it’s weak to be seen crying; that they can’t speak out about their emotions and they need to be strong and powerful.

I’m calling total bullshit on this.

I love humans crying, of any sex. I love emotion. I love hard and I don’t make any bones about that. I am THE wedding photographer that’ll be wiping away a tear during your speeches because the absolute energy of adoration is the purest form of emotion you can get.

This is one of the many, many, many reasons that I love Tim and Steph. I have never seen such unfiltered appreciation and devotion from a husband for his wife. I saw it when I photographed his sister Sophie’s wedding to the wonderful Gregg back at Soho Farmhouse in 2016 and I saw it the day before their own celebrations as we had BBQ and salads at Base Camp at their insanely beautiful venue, GG’s Yard.

That only continued into their wedding day… as I’m sure will be evident from the photographs coming up. As you view these, feel the love. Then go and grab your other half and kiss them. Tell your son (if you have one) that any emotion is fine and communication is the way to make it better. That crying is natural; biological even.

Big up to GG’s Yard,  Jeff Wood and Alex Rhys Sedgmond for being the dream team.

Words from the couple: “We met Claudia when she shot Tim’s sisters wedding in 2016 and the moment we saw how she worked and the photos she produced we knew we wanted her to be our wedding photographer. Claudia makes the process easy, theres no stress or added pressure. She blends in and really becomes a part of the wedding. On our wedding day she was so unbelievably helpful, she asked on a number of occasions if there was anything she could do to help preparation wise. Which I personally thought was just so lovely. Everyone who met Claudia commented on what a great person she was. Claudia came to our wedding venue for the full 3 days (one day either side of our wedding day) in order to capture all the other events we had arranged for our guests, we loved that she did this and it has just given our photos that extra special touch. During our wedding day Claudia was inconspicuous, she wasn’t a typical photographer who was getting in the way and blocking anyone else trying to get photos. We absolutely love our photos, they totally capture the feeling of our day, so light and fun. We love her use of light and how she’s managed to capture everyone at really special moments highlighting their happiness. Everyone who has seen our wedding photo’s have said how amazing they are. She was a total joy to work with and we feel like we have made a friend for life with Claudia. She was a massive part of making our day perfect and for that we will be forever grateful. We love you Claudia. Xx”