Hertfordshire Countryside with the Prance Miles Squad

The Prance Miles clan are ultimate #squadgoals. 

Eight, or maybe nine, years ago I was lucky enough to be a second photographer at Lou + Gary’s wedding, plus I fell in love with Lou a little on their pre wedding shoot in Epping Forest. She’s quick witted, confident, brazenly ambitious and just a joy to be around. Gary brings a calm and collected peace to her (organised!) chaos. 

When they first became parents to Poppy I spent a day with just the two girls and my camera. Returning to include Blossom in their family memories is nothing short of a great pleasure.

These relationships… they truly span years… and it’s an absolute joy to bring an art which I love to that. 

Here they are. Wild and free and simply beautiful.

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The Parry’s

Last week I was able to spend some time with one of my closest photography friends, Matt of Matt Parry Photography, and his beautiful girls