I spend my life either travelling and adventuring, or dreaming about doing those things. Our last mini break was to Iceland (thanks avios!) where we hired a camper van from Go Iceland and explored. All of these images were taken on my IPhone and processed with Filmborn app (yes some horizons are slightly wonky…)

Things I’ve learnt:

I still hate coach tours. Why would you want to spend days on a huge bus!?

Unfolding a bed in the back of a camper isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Camp sites actually aren’t as bad as I thought.

Hiking shoes are the comfiest things around.

The plane wreck is worth the hour and a half round hike and even more so when random couples are having their own mini photo shoot there.

Restaurants in greenhouses are the way forward.

Iceland is freaking beautiful.


Thanks to my best friend for knowing how to use a gas cooker and planning out locations. Can’t wait to see more of the world with you xo