Dear Jesse,

You are 4 months and 3 days old today. Somehow that works out at nearly 18 weeks which, despite knowing that a month isn’t precisely 4 weeks, still confuses me beyond belief.

You have become incredibly strong in a short space of time and you are able to hold your head up without any support. You can almost sit by yourself but haven’t managed balance yet so you topple to the left or the right fairly easily. You hold your head face straight up when you have a bath… which you absolutely adore. It’s the most magical thing to see you splashing about and then looking really shocked when you get water on the parts of you that are not underwater.

You blow raspberries for 80% of the time that you’re awake, much to the amusement of passing strangers. The downside is that you get covered in drool which is starting to dry the skin on your chin/neck out so I keep you entertained with a muslin to chew.

You take 8oz of formula four times a day and only once have you woken up in the night after having gone down to sleep at around 8 or 9pm. You don’t wake up until between 8 or 9am. Yes, I know I’m lucky. You found your own routines very easily.

My favourite thing for you to wear right now is your Pigeon Anchor print bodysuit from John Lewis and you are in a size 6-12 months already because you weigh in at 16.5 pounds.

You sleep in a Toddlepod which is the best thing I ever bought. It keeps you feeling snug without getting you too hot; right now because it’s so warm you sleep in a nappy and you have a fan in your bedroom. I use the wonderful Gro-Egg to tell what the temperatures like and it provides a soft night light at the same time.

Your temperament is usually very calm and content although you’ve learnt this little screech of annoyance which is seen when you are overtired. You cry without stopping when you’re hungry and I’ve learnt to become immune to it… a kettle only boils so fast. You’re so fascinated by the world that unless we are in the car you find it difficult to sleep out and about. You much prefer to be outside of the house and seeing new things.

You can grasp things better now and won’t let go of hands/muslins/hair/glasses/maracas although still haven’t been able to master holding your own dummy in your mouth.

You love new people and already have a confidence I’m so proud of. You’re going to be starting nursery for a morning a week soon so I can have some uninterrupted work time and you can learn some baby sensory / other children experiences. I really hope you enjoy it.

I love you x