My son will be six weeks old in three days. It still feels strange being able to write something that begins with ‘my son…’ and yet also it feels like the most normal thing in the world.

Now that’s a contrasting sentence. Contrast; pretty much sums up what this experience has been thus far.. everything that I was anxious about has been a breeze and everything I was excited for has become a little bit, well, habit, already. The world tells you before you become a parent to savour every moment because ‘they grow up so fast’ and you smile sweetly and try to understand and then they are in the world and six weeks has gone past and you’re not really sure if your feet have touched the ground yet and you realise what they meant.

I won’t write about my birth story. I’ll spare you those details. Needless to say it was a bit of an initial rush and then a lot of waiting and not nearly as terrifying as I had imagined it would be and he’s so very special.

There is a lot I want to write about, a lot I want to share and I suppose, let go of, and… I can’t find the words right now. I can promise that you’ll see a lot more of me again now though.