Killswitch Engage For Your First Dance | Mica & Sam

I feel like I write this so often and I think that is probably because I’m genuinely blessed with the most insanely incredible couples but I really did fall in love with Mica & Sam. And all their family. And all their friends.

I photographed at Prince Albert in Camden back in 2013 and have spent the last 5 years full of excitement for getting the chance to jump back into that beautiful light, so when Mica’s enquiry dropped into my inbox I definitely grafted a small amount to ensure the booking was made. Even better when they changed their plans so that the whole day was held there.

Halt. I’m struggling to write this. I just keep thinking of new ways to wax lyrical about the whole thing and I just need to simmer down a bit.

I think there are just people who make you feel more like yourself. Whether that’s through common interests, shared backgrounds, matching mindsets or just some inner energy, they make you feel like you are home. That’s what Mica & Sam’s pre wedding, and wedding, did for me.

We hung out in Brighton for their engagement session, staying overnight at The Artist Residence (hotel goals) and drank cocktails whilst talking about boys in bands (life goals) and I just knew their celebrations were going to be a highlight of my year.

If I haven’t made it obvious enough already, they were.

Mica got ready in a three storey townhouse in Hampstead with her two sisters and her parents, did her own hair and make up, donned an insanely beautiful Needle & Thread wedding dress and rocked up at the pub to marry her man. I’m always a little jealous of those couples who marry their first love – but boys are too much of a vice for me so that never would have worked. Mica & Sam met when they were 15 and 16 respectively and you can just immediately tell that they are each others best friend.

MOTHER FREAKIN’ COUPLE GOALS. Hope you love the post.

Words from them: “CLAUDIA ROSE CARTER you are an absolute magician! We are absolutely in love with every single one of these photos; I don’t even know how you managed to capture half of them! I don’t even know how to begin to thank you for capturing our day so perfectly! It’s the happiest, most fun collection of photos and I just can’t wait to get them printed off and in our home so I can look at them everyday.

Besides that it was an absolute pleasure spending time with you and getting to know you during this process. It’s a dream to have met a photographer that I will now recommend to absolutely everyone I know but also to have made a new buddy on the way.
Can’t wait to have a look through even more of the photos and get that wedding album made! We are so excited to do the rounds with our families on Sunday and show them all.

If you love these and are planning your own wedding, give me a shout!