Life Lately…




I’m currently sitting listening to Etta James – Something’s Got A Hold On Me and waiting for Lightroom to update on my MacBook Air so I can add some photographs to this blog. I am, after all, supposed to be a photographer.

I’ve been flagging so much this year on my blogging and I just miss the cathartic act of writing that I so often used to express myself alongside my images. I’m in Koh Samui, Thailand right now and 5 hours ago I was sitting in Bangkok airport on the floor reading back through Fire & Joy and feeling such word-yearning.

Even reading what I’ve written so far back; it feels clunky. And yet, I’m going to be honest and leave it as it is…. It’ll show more of a graduation in my ability when I read them back in a few months, right?!

So, the blogging. I feel like I haven’t properly been home since May. 2016 so far has taken me to Florence twice, Sorrento, Granada, Wales, The Cotswolds… in general all over the UK. And now Thailand. With France in two weeks. When I am at home I’ve made so much more of a conscious decision to be at one with Jesse and not just burn out with my own personal expectation; my weddings are being processed at nights here and there and I’m working on posting to Instagram as much as I can. And I do miss it… so stay tuned for some actual wedding narratives on this space!

I’ve come so far, literally and metaphorically, compared to the last two years. It’s reminded me of one of those Pinterest-esque quotes you see on news feed that goes a little like this… “In order for an arrow to be shot forwards, it first must be pulled backwards.” and that’s so evidently been the case for me.

Some of my favourite memories encapsulated: driving the boys back to Granada after a late finish at Laura & Adam’s wedding with the window down and Macklemore full blast on the stereo, the hum of crickets outside the window and the smell of that hot hot heat, nearly fracturing my nose falling over a tent peg at Sarah & Sam’s wedding and staying up late to hear this beautiful couple play their own band at their own wedding, standing on the monitors to take photographs of the crowd, endless iced soya lattes, dinner on the balcony overlooking the Italian scenery down into Florence, stretching out on white sheets in massive beds, watching my two smallest ones feed the chickens every morning on a mini family holiday in Wales, seeing my Jesse go from not wanting to stand up on the sand to trying to run full force into the sea, coconut ice cream always, being pulled over into freezing cold paddling pools, seeing my favourite couples (Mads, Tim, Nat, Alex I’m looking at you) for dinner and just relaxing with good friends, being tattooed constantly by my total girl crush babe AMY over at Boileroom Tattoo in Guildford, so much outside time drinking wine on the decking in nature, curling up with the duvet watching Jessica Jones, dreaming big, laughing hard.

And it’s only the 1st of August. Bring. It On.