I’ve written this passage so many times in my head in the last, probably three months, that now I come to sit and write it down I’m a little stumped with what to say.

2015 took me mind-blowingly to Sri Lanka, California, New York, Egypt, Spain, France and Scotland multiple times and also managed to leave me a little lost by the end of the year. It’s been one of challenges, of great achievements, of family and friends leaving a substantial mark and I’m a little glad to say that it’s 2016 now as I type.

In my second year of full time mumma care for Jesse (until he started 2 days a week at nursery in September) I somehow managed to shoot 34 weddings and a large handful of portrait shoots. I’m really quite proud of staying up right throughout all of this and I’m so incredibly grateful to my couples for placing their long lasting trust in me and my abilities. I really hope I’ve done you proud.

I may sound a little…. familiar… but I love you guys and I really hope to spend so much more time with you in the years to come. Being part of your day is not only a celebration but also an honour and some of my best memories are in houses in the highlands with red wine, trekking across the Egyptian desert with a sandstorm approaching, frolicking in the field just as that golden hour hits, secret back street restaurants in Barcelona, ushers stripping naked just to feel the breeze on their skin, Nubian tunes filling the air, laughs as a bride takes on a trampoline in a vera wang dress, making friends with tuk tuk drives in the tsunami-struck Galle, standing in the rain just to get that magic shot and cruising the interstates of America in a stupidly big car and watching so many gorgeous brides gettin’ down with the dancin’!

I’m not sure if I have any goals for this year. I’ve spent so long making constant plans and feeling underwhelmed when I fall down on them that really, my goal is to not have any goals. Just to enjoy each day, make each day as fresh as it can be, to sweat it out in the gym when I feel like doing so, to eat bloody chocolate occasionally if it tastes good, to take a break and not feel guilty because really, I’m doing alright.

Claudia xxx

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Awesome, awesome, awesome. So uniquely you, so powerful, tangible and real. Just too many faves in there to count!

I’ve long been an admirer of your work and your eye, Claudia, and this set does not disappoint. Lovely stuff. Thank you xx

Incredible images Claudia. I love your work and this post reminds me why. An extraordinary and unique way of seeing things, the most beautiful use of light and portraits to die for. That bride in the blue shower room is one of those proper ‘I WISH I’d taken that’ shots. Look forward to seeing what you do in 2016 x

You know I adore your work, and this post is a perfect example why. You have a clear artistic integrity that comes through in every image, whether it’s a detail, the environment, a family or a couple. I always love seeing what you capture because it is always so unique. Congratulations on another fantastic year, and I can’t wait to see more in 2016 xx

Beautiful collection x Love the stillness and serenity you manage to encapsulate. Your work always appears so thoughtful and delicate BUT always so memorable. Look forward to catching up in 2016!

Just mind-blowing beautiful art. You are such an incredibly mindful photographer and your work is a wonderful extension of your incredible vision. I’m looking forward to following your work this year x

Claudia your work is simply inspirational, it truly is. Thank you for sharing and for your support, both are invaluable. Much love and happiness in 2016 to you and the family xx

Lovely work Claudia. Love the gentle, honest feel in your images.

This is gorgeous work Claudia and I love the shot of the bride on a trampoline. You see light beautifully :) Nxx

A totally beautiful year. Wonderful work that’s full of personality, as always Claudia. x

Fabulous Claudia! Wonderful work – wish we could get married again just to have you take more amazing photos! xxx

Claudia, you know I love your work and this cements it for me, so much soul and love throughout – Masterful my friend and I wish you happiness and joy for 2016


What an amazing year you’ve had – and such beautiful work to prove it. Here’s to an adventure filled 2016 for you. x

These are glorious.
Looking forward to seeing what you get up to next year :)

goosebumps to your images.. so so beautiful such a lightness of touch and soul.. love your work and as for your words YES YES YES.. you are amazing inspiration to me claudia both being a mother and photographer.. big love from us xxx

Beautiful art Claudia, the way you see light is just stunning.

Claudia, I love your style and follow your work, It’s been wonderful to see your work over the years. 34 weddings and portrait shoots and a gorgeous boy, oh, and looking after Gary ;) that’s very admirable.

I so love viewing your work. Gorgeous as always. You’ve had a remarkable year. Very well deserved. All the best for 2016. I can’t wait to see what adventures come your way. :)

Claudia…what an absolutely gorgeous collection of your work for 2015…you are one of my all-time favorite photographers!! I feel like I could sit in all your images and just breath in and smell and feel everything that was going on at that moment. There is a sense of calmness, coolness and beauty that I think can come from only you. Fist bump! :) Happy New Year!

Beautiful year, Claudia! Love the quietness you capture x

Beautiful work … a wonderful reflection of your heart Claudia.
There is a simplicity in your work that is effortless.

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