I need to start writing weekly again. I need to be able to express and splurge and word vomit else it gets all caught up in my mind and I end up either being irritable, or eating it away. Which doesn’t help for the mind or the waistline.

I went for my first run in over two months today, after I hurt my knee doing squat jumps with Jesse in the park. I mean who ever thought that was a good idea with a two year old!? Another brilliant moment there Claudia. The run was good though. I’ve been using an app named Aaptiv that costs; it’s £8 or so a month but you have access to unlimited classes and a personal trainer in your ear. I did a 30 minute running intervals class and burnt around 350 calories. Breakfast was two Deliciously Ella almond and chia bites (this recipe is an updated version from the one I use) and lunch was leftover lentil curry with cauliflower rice. It feels fucking good taking charge.

I ordered a drone. A Mavic Pro. Going to take it out on Friday to some open land and play. Just want to shake myself up a bit this year – learn new things and experiment with new equipment. I’m feeling super frustrated that I don’t have the freedom in my life to just shoot whenever, wherever. That I can’t just wake up and go out and just express. I know that sounds a bit wanky, but it does end up just becoming pent up. I know I know, devil on my shoulder, I could spend a considerable more time working on this very thing than I do but just the whole balancing of work and gym and friendships and parenting is often a joy and often feels a bit lonely too. When I’m running I feel like I ought to be working, when I’m with friends I feel like I ought to be running, when I’m working I feel like I can’t justify paying the fees for Jesse to be at nursery when I’m spending a lot of the day on Facebook and Pinterest. Sigh.

Anyway, I’m inspired by this video today. I love this man. I love the grit and the art and I don’t care that he was an idiot on Twitter. The light and the monochrome in the video is lush.

And, one of my favourite images that I’ve taken recently. Serenity exemplified….


Ahh C it makes me happy to know I’m going to get to read your words more often! Can”t wait xx

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