love letters to the world; 02

love letters to the world; 02

It’s week two, and I’m still here. Hi world!

Feeling quite cold actually as I went for another run earlier, 35 minutes of intervals again, 350 calories burned, and I just peeled my sweaty gym trousers off when I got in the door so now I’m just sitting around in my house in a Guns N Roses t-shirt with the arms cut off. Rock and roll right?! Something like that…. I’ll pretend that I’m channeling my inner Léa Seydoux. That short film just makes me want to cut my hair off again and dance in the rain.

Okay, hang on. I just needed to pause the Zack Arias presentation that I’m watching on YouTube because my brain can’t think of words to type whilst listening to other words being spoken. Whoever said I could multi-task sure did get that wrong. The video is really interesting though; I am a huge fan of Zack and his advice on just being honest with yourself about your work is inspiring. In alignment somewhat with this, I’m really finding myself coming back to basics this year already with what I do, just keeping things at a steady pace and not rushing to take over the world or commit to projects I know I can’t finish. Self expectation has always been my biggest downfall and I’m learning to give myself a break.

For those who read my previous weekly post, you’ll know that I mentioned I had bought a drone. Well, we took it out on Friday last week and played; I’m so nervous of it just falling out of the sky but the results are stunning (just remember to take the spare batteries Claudia, so you don’t drive for an hour to only use the drone for 20 minutes) — see below. So this was taken on top of a very tall hill in the Malverns and the drone here is maybe 250 feet above where I’m stood. When we get some more consistent nice light I’ll be truly happy.