love letters to the world; 04


1. The boy above could possibly have started toilet training sooner as, crossed fingers, the start of it this week seems to have gone very well so far!

2. I have an unhealthy obsession with tabbouleh.

3. Owning a printer means I don’t have to keep so many client emails as ‘flagged’ in my inbox.

4. Working alongside my new creative manager in training is super motivating. Especially when cheesy chips are involved.

5. I need sunshine in my life ALL of the time.

6. West Midlands Safari Park is BOSS!

So, the above mentioned creative manager and I have been working on a super exciting new weekly feature, starting on the 3rd of April, which will showcase hand picked wedding suppliers from across the globe. Connecting with others is such an important part of life, let alone business, and it’s been so exciting getting together our lists of who we want involved. Although I’m not sure my bank balance is going to thank me for it…. If you have anyone you would like to nominate then please do let me know their details for consideration!

Elsewhere on the internet: we were catching up on some Grand Designs and I am totally in love with this house. Yes please to that huge glass door creating such a refined partnership between the home and the garden. Concrete and steel and wood forever.