Manorbier Castle Wedding | Haz + Stu

It’s been one of those days.

I think I’ve played Waka Waka by Shakira on full blast about ten times and added about 5 billion different filters to my face on various Instagram stories which I’ve then deleted. My brain is a pinball machine and won’t stick to just one thing.

This normally means I need to go and do some HIIT sprints but I’ve recently left the gym I was at and due to have a call with a new coach tomorrow so I’m hesitant to sign up anywhere else ’til there is some clarity around it.

So, instead I’m going to finally catch up with some blogging from 2019, despite it now being February of 2020.

I met Haz & Stu at the wedding of Smith & Squire and knew their wedding would be as equally party-focused having spent the interim time between their respective celebrations of love on nights out with them in London which normally ended in me showing my squat technique at 6am. Sign me up.

I love and miss you lot. Cheers for the laughs and allowing me to do my thing around you.