Merriscourt Wedding | Cotswolds | Abby & Ben

Merriscourt in the Cotswolds really is an incredibly beautiful and accommodating wedding venue to photograph at. The fields last for miles, there are so many different back drops and the barns really are a blank slate.

I always struggle with how to begin these opening paragraphs. When I scroll through Facebook I feel that I’m being force-fed the information that SEO IS EVERYTHING and I ought to be naming and linking all of the suppliers and I should have asked the couple to write some words for each other to associate with this blog and.. and.. and…

I just want to keep it simple. Abby & Ben’s love is evident through the images. I’m a photographer, so it ought to be, else I haven’t done the best job I could.

I approach every single wedding to do the absolute best. Some times the light isn’t great, some times the group shots are more tedious than they ought to be, some times the best man gets so hammered he nearly falls over. But the love is always there, and that’s all I really care about.

Yes I’m a soppy sod. 

Words from Abby & Ben:

“We loved the photographs Claudia did for our engagement shoot and really enjoyed spending the day with her, so when the wedding day came around the photographer really was the least of our worries. She blended seamlessly into the background whilst still managing to get some fantastic shots of the family; capturing genuine moments and emotions.
Leaving our guests to – quite literally at one point – run off and have our photographs taken, turned out to be one of our favourite parts of the day. It really is true that you don’t get to see much of your husband/wife on your wedding day, so, we really valued the time we had alone and it was a pleasure to share it with Claudia.
There were also parts of the day that as a groom/bride we did missed out on; the games we didn’t play, the food we didn’t get to eat, the jokes we didn’t hear, and the sunset that we missed. But somehow Claudia was there; from the table plan and flowers to our – slightly drunken – friends being ridiculous, we now have memories of those moments too. 
And, we know that when we look back through our wedding photographs in years to come all those memories and emotions will come flooding back. We have so much more than just a book of photographs.”