I can’t even count the times that I’ve written on this blog that I’m going to start writing again. Too many to fit on one hand. And I haven’t done it.

I was about to write that life gets in the way, but that’s just another excuse. This last year has been an interesting journey of self discovery with very little actual work done on that self discovery. No work, in fact. I’m definitely happier in so many ways but I’ve just lost that element of constant self… questioning? My underlying thought has been ‘I’ve got this, I know how to do this.’

Which sounds great. But I never wanted to think like that. I always want to be searching, to be improving, to be creating. In a contradiction to what I’ve just said, I’ve lost my confidence because I haven’t prioritised ME. Feeling that you know how to do something means you don’t find out ways to do it better, so you end up producing something that is good but not excellent. Not outstanding. And that’s what I dream of, for all areas of my life.

The last couple of days I’m beginning to slowly get back in touch with me again. I’ve bought a self-journal to be more on top of gratitude and daily tasks, I’ve scheduled a call with a coach just to almost purge my thoughts, I’ve created a new form to better get to know my couples, I’ve changed my enquiry brochure to be more personal to me. And I’m writing this blog. Finally!

Some things I am grateful for:

  • How much time G is spending on the house to create a home
  • Oatly chocolate milk – yum!
  • Jess & Sam who I can Whatsapp from Dubai airport in a right grump and they’ve always got my back – reminding me that women are amazing if we stay together
  • Camila Cabello – Havana 

Things I am going to do to refine my next few months:

  • Get to know my 2018 couples better, via the form I sent out and making sure we are friends on Facebook
  • Keep to my journal daily
  • Start meditating 10 minutes daily

Lots of love, Claudia. xo