You are:

Dreaming of having a wedding photography gallery that truly captures your day as it was, with a focus on natural moments.

Tired of spending hours at the weddings of your friends lining up for group photographs or wondering where the couple have gone! 

Passionate about creating an experience for your family and friends as well as you two. 

Keen to combine your joint visions into something that celebrates you as individuals and as a couple. Because, that what makes your wedding truly special.

Always up for a party! 

I Promise:

To listen to your story as a couple; to learn which elements of the wedding day are the most important to you. 

To always be on the ball with communication – my phone and socials are open to my clients even early am and late pm. 

To make your Mum’s group photograph list important too and ensure we do them in a location suitable for your Grandparents.

To work as hard as I can before the day to ensure it feels like having another old friend beside you, just one that happens to have a camera. 

To be on time, to not leave before I said I would, to look presentable and act professionally and courteously always. 

To not walk round asking any of your guests to ‘cheese’ at the camera. My passion is in telling the story of your day, without interference. 


That is by no means an exhaustive list! I love to catch up with my enquiries via Facetime or Zoom and I can explain even more about me/my approach.

Wick Bottom Barn Wedding Ashley Paul

Wedding Photography Pricing

My packages are designed around your needs. Full day coverage generally begins three hours before the ceremony and ends an hour after the first dance, but reduced hour packages can be designed to fit budgets and plans. I often work on smaller weddings that consist of just the ceremony and a small group in a restaurant afterwards, or elopements where the group is just the three of us; these don’t require the same time length or amount of images delivered as others. 

Your relationship, and your wedding, is not a one size fits all – what I can offer reflects that.  

For a standard full day package, one photographer, a minimum of 500 images delivered via a password-protected online gallery and a slideshow of your highlights my cost is £1,500. 

A Little More About Me

Following on from the facts on my home page

Claudia Rose Carter Photographer

Connection is at the heart of everything I do. 

I live in Dunchurch, Warwickshire, with the <3 of my life + best mate Rory and our two boys, Spike and Jesse. 

I’m pretty good at Lego PS4 games, but not great at CoD. 

I have tattoos referencing Nick Cave, Greek mythology, Johnny Cash/June Carter, the ocean, Harry Potter, Thelma + Louise and some other random ones…

Many of my closest friendships have formed following a photographer/client relationship at their weddings. This motivates me and solidifies my trust in the way I choose to run my business.