My List of Love #1

I’m always most inspired by having different projects; whether they are related to photography or writing.

Whilst I was still consciously working on always challenging myself, I had consistent things that I would do each week and one of those was to blog a ’round up’ of things that I found and loved in that week. One of the reasons that I love the creative community that comes with working in the industry is that ability to share videos or pieces of writing or art knowing that our peers are likely to have the same emotional response. It gets us right in the gut. 

My friend Alex shared one of those with me yesterday when I was describing my current unsettled state. Now, I need to take this opportunity to explain that I really do love what I do. I wouldn’t want to do anything else. Every wedding makes me happy and every collection I send off to the couples that I work with gives me a feeling of achievement. I’ve just become a little sucked in to the ‘right’ way to do this and that’s not what I wanted when I first started in 2011. I’ve kind of forgotten my ‘why’.

Throwing some sentences out because I feel like this isn’t flowing well and I’m tripping over myself…

I want to challenge what ‘wedding photography’ means

I want to create work that makes people think

I want to create work that you can have an instant emotional connection to

I want to create images for people they can treasure for lifetimes

I want to capture images for people to make them feel confident

I want to have experiences and visit places I wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to see

I want to prove you don’t have to leave your guests for an hour to get the ‘epic’ shot

I want to do something meaningful

I want to support others to find their ‘why’

There is always one image that I come back to in my head when I’m questioning what I want my style to be. I took it in 2013 at Evelynne & Evan’s wedding in London. Evelynne’s beautiful niece was going to be bridesmaid and she and E’s two sisters were all getting ready at the St Pancras Hotel. I think she was getting a little bored of being surrounded by adults and was playing on the couch or bed or something that had a height to it because the next moment she was crying and being cuddled by her mother; she must have fallen off. I raised my camera up to take the image and then stopped myself – in a matter of milliseconds I had the thoughts ‘she’s crying, that isn’t appropriate’, ‘her mother won’t understand why I’m taking an image of her child crying’, and then ‘it’s a genuine and raw moment of the day and that’s what I want – wedding photography doesn’t have to just be soft pastels and prettiness’.

I took the photo. And all relevant parties loved the image.

st pancras wedding photography

This blog has turned into a ramblings of something else. Lets get back to the list of things I love, eh. 

So, the aforementioned video is Simon Sinek – Find Your Why.

I love this Wednesday Addams pin and it’s very apt for me.

I don’t wear much jewellery, I love the idea but then the feel of having things on just frustrates me. I’d make an exception for this incredible Catbird ring though…

I know it’s only October (blah blah), BUT I am the biggest Christmas geek around and this Winter Night Garden in LDNtown looks insane.

My friend Shelly shared this with me – The Miracle of the Mundane – a really great read

I switched over to the Sony A7iii recently and that’s inspiring me :)