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My List Of Love #2

Today has been the most frustrating day of the week so far because I’ve been unable to do very much. I’m photographing the wedding of two close friends tomorrow, followed by the wedding of another close’s friend best friend the day after. All humans I’ve known for over 10 years and I’m absolutely thrilled to be back home in Edinburgh for the weekend.

I’m so grateful that yet again my little battered ten year old Fiesta has made the journey up and it’s given me 5 hours to continue listening to inspiring podcasts, but it’s also meant the ideas that have arisen whilst listening have created this huge jumble of energy and excitement in my head that I’m now trying to channel into practical tasks.

First up was increasing my pricing, which I’ve written about briefly on my instagram HERE. I’ll save more ramblings for another blog post as I collate some more information to support it but for now I’m so thrilled to be taking charge of what I want (and how I want) to nurture my business as I enter into my ninth full time year.

Next is collating some testimonials as instagram highlights which I have already begun.

Third is ensuring that this is not just another high in my slightly bipolar-esque personality where I get massively pumped to create and boost and enjoy and then I do too much at once and burn out. I need to schedule in taking time to reflect on the decisions I’m making. Continuing from a previous post where I asked you guys about journalling I had some great feedback from friends and I think I’m going to go down the bullet journalling approach which I will amend slightly so that it isn’t overly structured and allows room to breathe for all the ideas.

And for the sake of this post, I need to get on with sharing what I’ve loved this week!  

A little boost of me and also the incredibly supportive Love My Dress – I had TWO weddings featured in the last week. Sam & Lewis, and Kirst & Henry.

All of Hashtag Authentic, which is a podcast by Sara Tasker from Me & Orla, but specifically THIS episode relating to creating a successful business alongside mental health struggles.

Letters From A Hopeful Creative, also by Sara Tasker and another coach Jen Carrington. Especially episode 9 – lets talk about pricing.

I’m always looking for new artwork to adorn the walls and I especially love these prints by Alexandra Levene.

Another share from my bestie Alex, who told me to go and read this journal – which makes complete sense to me. He’s the guy behind Hiut Denim which you should also check out.

Claudia xo