My List Of Love #3

I can’t stop procrastinating today and it’s making my mind a little hectic. It’s the first day back after the half-term so I’ve begun the day feeling really motivated and excited to GET SHIT DONE.

That lasted for about an hour.

I became side tracked by searching for a first dance image that I could post on Instagram with the hope of having This Is Reportage feature it on their own feed. Cue the realisation that the dancing part of a wedding isn’t something that I feel I ever really truly nail. Cue overwhelming and deafening self doubt. Add in to the mix that the woman in front of me in the gym cafe is having some in depth conversation with her friend about how said friend’s husband is a t***.


I’ve put my headphones on and Macklemore full blast.

Trying to re-focus. Trying to remember how to write. To get the right amount of sentences to a paragraph.

Fuck I think the woman might cry. 

Maybe I should just take a break and go for a run.

Or I could just get on with this blog as it’s about 3 weeks late. I took some time out for the first week of half-term to run away to the countryside, which was so necessary and so peaceful, but as always meant another part of my life had to suffer and that part was work.

I’m here now. 

I had a ton of things to share but it seems as though my Chrome bookmarks aren’t syncing. SCREAM.

At least, this collection of images by Naomi Goggin makes me happy. Her work reminds me that I adore the imperfection most of all.

Mini Christmas trees from my favourite, Bloom & Wild – can I have one please!?

Everything about this article from an incredible human, Oli Sansom writes about why authenticity is dead.

I launched a little family photography section of my website – big up me.

I’ll leave it there today. Go and look at those links. And please, share with me what you’re loving this week.