My List Of Love #5

This is how easy it is for my mind to go off on a tangent; I just accessed the photos on my IPhone in order to transfer some over into my ICloud to then be able to jump into them them from here (yawn) so I could then upload some images for this blog.

In doing this I began to tidy up my photos. Then I found something that reminded me I needed to WhatsApp my mum. That reminded me I needed to reply to another WhatsApp. Fifteen minutes later and I was still sat here, staring at a blank screen.

It’s like a pin ball machine, either of constant inspiration where I’m just so overwhelmed and unsure how I can possibly process all of the information that I find fascinating or of mind-numbing doubt and self criticism. Which I always come out the other side of… so let’s not spend too long on that point.

I’ve been going to bed super early recently and listening to The Minimalists podcast which (without being too intense) is changing my mindset. It’s refining the way I see my life and the relationship I have with everything around me. It’s encouraging me to be more mindful and intentional; two things I always thought were my strengths but it’s fast becoming obvious maybe I’m not as connected to ‘it’ as I thought.

Fuck, I still haven’t done those images.

Ok. Here you go.

I did a back up this week from an external hard drive over to my DropBox of every single non-wedding image I’ve ever taken, and came across a ton of film photography that I haven’t shared for quite a while. I don’t need to wax lyrical here over the benefits of film over digital photography; simply it’s important for me to share that they are really special to me.

So much so, I picked up a second hand Pentax ME Super and last night put a roll of Portra 160 into it. I’m shooting it at 800 so I’ll be interested to see what the results are when I get it to the lab.

This week a lot of my online life has revolved around researching Tiny Living, including TinyHouses and also boats; which I think I’ve decided against. Unfortunately the laws in the UK make it very difficult for a person to buy land with the appropriate planning to be able to park/build a tinyhouse so I’m just focusing on cutting back and being more sustainable for a year or two when I will revisit the idea again with more money/research behind me.

I loved this YouTube video of a family of 5 in their beautiful tinyhouse.

With regards to being more sustainable, reducing the meat that I eat will definitely be made more important. I rarely eat red meat anyway but actually enjoy vegetarian protein sources so it shouldn’t be too difficult. The gorgeous brand Modern Huntsman has some incredibly breathtaking videos on their site; some of which are based around the killing of animals but including such respect and gratitude for their life – bringing it all back to that necessity for us to be more intentional.

It’s so great having Alex in the DARE Workshops FB support group because he shares articles like this – Hunter S Thompson’s Profound Monumental Letter.

And, of course, a link to The Minimalists Podcast. I’ve started from the very beginning.