Myself, and my world.

Myself, and my world. 

I almost feel like world should have a capital W in this instance. He is my World. I’ve somehow managed to keep him alive since the 5th of April 2014 (if you aren’t counting growing him for 40 weeks plus 2 days) and he’s already a pretty decent human being. He tells me he loves me, several times a day. He asks about emotions. He’s not afraid to articulate what he wants and if he doesn’t agree with an injustice you’ll know about it. He loves the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack and specifically Fleetwood Mac. He wakes up every morning, takes his bedding to the couch, gets himself a yoghurt and a drink of squash and lets me lie in for an extra 20 minutes.

He makes me feel like I’m not utterly failing, and for that I can’t thank him enough.

I’ve adored Melia Melia’s work for a LONG time. Even more so when they began to document the muddy, magical, mystical side of children and the raw love of family. So last year I booked in for a shoot. And then didn’t manage to organise it very well as we were both moving house, I wasn’t feeling overly great about myself. Etc.

Two houses and two stone down, during the October half term I drove up to the incredibly beautiful village where James and Jo live with their menagerie of animals and children and James took these of Jesse and I.

James, I can’t thank you enough. They are everything I wanted.

All images courtesy of MeliaMelia.