Needle & Thread Wedding Dress | Cath & James

St Barts Brewery Wedding

I’ve been spending endless hours on the incredible Fuel Your Photos SEO course, which I would highly recommend to any photographer. The only downside is that I now have 240 journal entries on this site that I want to revisit and see how I can make the most out of them in terms of generating new business.

One of the take-away things that I’ve learnt so far is to not keyword my wedding blogs with the venue name if I then want to go on to write a specific (probably better ranking) page for that venue itself, and instead question whether there is an additional topic that I could aim to rank for.

There could be here, but following that path results in writing a post dedicated to Needle & Thread dresses, when actually I simply want to share my favourite images from Cath & James’ wedding.

I adore it when couples choose to get ready together; there’s something just so intimate about the experience. I hope you love these images as much as I do!

Dress: Needle & Thread
Ceremony venue: Islington Town Hall
Reception venue: St Barts Brewery
Calligraphy: Beeta Taylor-Sadeghi

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