Newhailes Wedding | Edinburgh | Fiona & Duncan

I’ve spent a lot of time lately working on my mind in relation to my business and trying to ensure that for 2017 my year is majoritively full of couples who adore me, adore my work, adore what I do and just want to INVOLVE me in their day. Back in 2011 when I started this whole wedding photography shebang my ego was very much at it’s prime and constantly told me that I ought to be able to shoot a wedding exactly as great every single time because that’s what people deserve. And they do, of course they do. I do a great job all the time. But I do a fucking incredible job when I’m part of the wedding…when my couples trust me and feed me and just – be my friend. And actually that’s taken my ego some time to get used to.

One of my closest pals in the whole world (from photographing his wedding!!) was on whatsapp with me last night – I’m sure he won’t mind me sharing this – because he was a bit concerned about a shoot he’d done recently. He thought he could do better, yadda yadda. I’d had a couple of cheeky gins and came up with – blowing my own trumpet here – a brilliant metaphor for this whole conundrum. It’s relevant because we have both been chefs in our lives, multiple times…

“So, imagine we’re in the kitchen yeah. One day the delivery company brings us basic ingredients, they’ve run out of all the good stuff so it’s tinned vegetables and the off-cuts of meat. We have to come up with the best thing we can from that. The next day it’s all straight-out-the-ground root veg and jeez the most beautifully marbled cuts of beef. Then we have to do another dish. Which would be better?!”

Okay, so I’ve kind of strung it out a little. My actual metaphor was a bit simpler, but for the sake of writing this blog I’ll glitter it up a bit. And… it’s so true. I’m not talking about the couples here, all my couples are incredible people and their love is insatiable. But if I’m simply not made part of their wedding, if I’m ‘just the photographer’ then basically their keeping me at arms length; they’re giving me the basic ingredients to work with.

Holy cow this is a long introduction. What I’m trying to say is Fiona and Duncan (and actually their entire crew of friends and family) could NOT have welcomed me any more into their fold. Being back home in Edinburgh always gives me body tingles anyway but working from that inspiration plus their utter love made this wedding an absolute pleasure to document. They are truly artistic, creative, kind, endearing, honest, loyal and beautiful people. And you can’t ask for more than that.

With shout outs to Lauren Gollan for make up, Poppy Dover for the dress, Newhailes for the wedding reception… and many more.

Fiona – “OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

you are the actual DREAM!
I’m in floods of the happiest tears at work. I’ll reply properly and process this all later on but just WOW!