A Nick Cave Tattoo On A Groom | Smith & Squire

On the 20th of September 2004, Nick Cave released a double album entitled Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus.

In Brooklyn in 2015 I got a tattoo on my lower right arm by the incredible Felix Vayner. It depicts the Lyre Of Orpheus; the album and indeed the Greek mythology that inspired it. The story is one of love but with devastating consequences. It doesn’t always result in a happy ending, because that is truth.

Smith has the other side of the album tattooed on his upper right arm. Meant to be, right!?

It’s a good thing that Squire is so unbelievably perfect for Smith else it coulda been us getting married (lolz.)

They really are perfect for each other. In the brief time I’ve spent with them it seems obvious that they inspire the crazy AND the calm in each other which for me makes a perfect relationship.

They were wed in April at Tythe Barn and the sunshine came out and it was a gorgeous day.

Venue: Tythe Barn
Dress boutique: Laura May Bridal
Bridesmaid dresses: Monsoon
Make up/hair: Lucy Beesley 
Flowers: Flower Shed Oxford


If you’re getting married at Tythe Barn (or anywhere!) and love these images, please do contact me.